A beginners guide to mobile in saigon


If you do a quiông xã tìm kiếm on the Internet, you can probably find some guides on di động plans in Vietnam – but they’re probably out of date or incredibly confusing to lớn follow. Now that I’ve sầu been stationed in Vietphái nam for a while, I thought I would contribute a bit lớn the body toàn thân of knowledge và nội dung my experiences on Vinaphone, my carrier of choice.quý khách hàng đã xem: Vinaphone kiểm tra data balance

Why Vinaphone

If you plan lớn travel into the rural parts of Vietnam giới, Viettel is actuallya better choice – it’s the network run by the military và they have good coverage out there. Otherwise, the two better-known carriers in cities are MobifoneVinaphone. I find that too many people recommend Mobifone so it has gotten quite congested & slow. Hence, I switched khổng lồ Vinaphone và have sầu been pretty satisfied with my data speeds ever since.Quý khách hàng vẫn xem: 【how to】 check data balance i have a data, viettel simcard, saigon forum

Getting Started

First, you need to get yourself an unlocked phone and a SIM card. The phone is best brought on your own, but many stores sell cheap unlocked phones all over the place. (Maybe stolen? Who knows!)

You can buy a SIM thẻ from an official store (there’s probably one here) but you’ll need khổng lồ bring a passport so they can tie your identity with the thẻ. If you don’t want to lớn do that, you can askaround touristy districts (like District 1 in Saigon) và many street vendors will be happy lớn sell you one without any ID. (Maybe stolen? Who knows!)

Expect to pay around 100,000₫ for a SIM card with no credit.

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Checking your balance

Whether you’re travelling for a short time or even staying long-term, it’s easiest to lớn just go with the prepaid plans. This means you keep a balance on your SIM thẻ & use it for purchasing short term plans with mix amounts of data & calling. I’m going to assume you don’t really care about calling or texting these days, so I’ll just walk through how lớn subscribe lớn data.

You can kiểm tra the amount of money you have sầu by going khổng lồ your phone’s dialer & making a “call” khổng lồ *101# –this triggers a “kiểm tra balance” action and you should see something like this on your screen:


Data plans on Vinaphone

There are threekinds of plans here (A, B, và C on Vinaphone’s table). “A” is just pay-as-you-go data, 75₫ per 50 kilobytes. That’s a terrible deal & you will easily burn through your money if you stay on that plan — which is the mặc định and what you will be reset lớn when any other plans expire.

“B” plans are phối amounts of data withhard caps – this means that when you use up all the data, you are charged per 50 kilobytes again. These planscan only kết thúc badly, so I don’t recommend them.

“C” plans are mix amounts of data withsoft caps – this means that after you use up all your data, you just get throttled khổng lồ 2G speeds until the kết thúc of a mix term (one month). This is effectively unlimited data – I’m not sure why anyone would choose any other type of plan! If only US carriers were this generous…

Once you identify the plan you want, note thecode (for example, “MAX100” is my plan of choice) and the amount of money required to lớn subscribe (100,000₫ for “MAX100”).

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Adding credit

You can add credit using scratch cards, which are set amounts of value that you purchase and literally scratch to lớn reveal a 14-digit code to lớn redeem. Most convenience stores sell them.


Vinaphone – getting a promo

If you apply a scratch card on the day mentioned, you may see some increases in your other balances — which, by the way, I believe are used for calling and texting.

Subscribing to a plan

You need to know the SMS codes to enable data và subscribe lớn one of the data plans mentioned above – otherwise, you’ll be stuông chồng with nothing or the mặc định pay-as-you-go plan.

xuất hiện up your text messaging phầm mềm & start a conversation with “888”. Skết thúc the following commands:


Vinaphone – subscribing khổng lồ a plan

After you apply the changes, you might need khổng lồ restart your phone (or disable/enable Airplane Mode) to have it register correctly with the network.

Stopping spam

That’s it!Hopefully you should be all phối lớn use maps & social media during your trip. Have fun, but take your eyes off your phone once in a while.