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On the afternoon of July 27, the inspector of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information & Communication (Ho Chi Minc City Department of Information & Communication) sent an invitation to the owner of the social network Facebook trương mục Hang Nguyen about tài khoản owner provided and shared information. nội dung that affects the situation of social order, causing confusion aước ao people.

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Facebook trương mục owner Hang Nguyen currently resides in Ward 21, Binh Tkhô hanh District, Ho Chi Minc City.

Status of the owner of the social network Facebook account Hang Nguyen.

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Photo: Facebook screenshot

Previously, on July 26, the owner of this account posted a lengthy status regarding the application of Directive 16 in Ho Chi Minc City. The early part of this status praised Hanoi when applying Directive 16 but vegetables were still enough, the market was full of market stalls. After the Hanoi section, the tài khoản owner talked about Saigon.

“Saigon also ordered 16, but why would we eat relief from all over the country from a baby squash to a 3 year old, a bunch of vegetables, a weight of rice from a nearly hundred year old woman, a fish from Quang Binch of the countrymen flooded? flooding … of all the people in the country.A powerful và richest Saigon in the country, the most advanced economic center, providing more than the state budget, but the charity is eaten up by people all over the country through a 16-day period.Is it still the same with the next 16, no matter how hard, try lớn get your own daily food.People in rich & powerful areas continue to lớn eat charity food from poor people in all poor areas of the country.It is embarrassing, but it is not good, only marrying people from the same country lớn love each other one, lớn cover up your own shame and inner self. That is why there is a long drama where the rich cry too. “

Forgiveness status Photo: Facebook screenshot

After the status was posted, the tài khoản owner Hang Nguyen deleted, proceeded khổng lồ post an apology status & then, the owner of this account closed Facebook. However, on the afternoon of July 27, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communication sent an invitation khổng lồ the owner of this account to work. Because the incident caused a lot of public outrage over the past two days.

MC Trac Thuy Mieu was fined 7.5 million dong
(PLO) – The Ho Chi Minc City Department of Information và Communication has just issued a decision lớn punish MC Trac Thuy with 7.5 million VND related to the female MC’s Facebook post.